Pune – A Metropolitan City in the Heart of India

Would you like to know more about the city of Pune? Do you want to travel to Pune? Or do you live in Pune? On this website you will find useful information, tips and addresses

   Pune (also called Poona) is one of the greatest hubs of the sub-continent. With a population of over 5 million (including suburbs) it is the second largest city tin the Indian state of Maharashtra, after Bombay (now Mumbai) which is located about 160 km to the north. Pune is situated on the Deccan plateau, about 560 meters above sea level; the peaks of the surrounding mountains (Sinhagad Fort) reach up to 1300 meters.

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   Travel to Pune – when you are coming from abroad, plan your trip to Pune properly. Here you find useful tips. Learn about vaccinations, visa requirements, the best way to reach Pune and police registration if you are not a tourist.

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Pune is well connected via road, rail and air with other cities in India. Know about your options.  Read more…


Weather – The best time to travel to Pune is between October and February. The heat starts from March onwards with temperatures peaking to 42oC in the hottest month of April. Thundershowers in May bring some relief from the heat. The monsoon sets in at the beginning of June and continues till the beginning of October, keeping temperatures more or less under 30oC.

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Explore the city – You should choose the right time of day for your trip. Avoid the rush hours between 5-7.30 p.m. The ideal mode of transport would be a car, as you would be at the mercy of all the exhaust gases in a rickshaw. The effort, however, is worth it as there are many interesting, wonderful and impressive places to discover in Pune, e.g. the Shaniwarwada fort, Parvati hill and temple, Pataleshwar Caves, Chaturshringi Temple. Take your time and don’t be in a rush.   Read more…

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Impressions of Pune


Shopping in Pune is an experience, though it can often be a challenge to battle one’s way through over-crowded streets and lanes. One can find everything here though – including imported goods – one only needs to know where.Pune can cater to every wish with its mix of oriental and western culture
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      Nature – In spite of the growing industrialisation, Pune and its suroundings has a beautiful flora and fauna. Take for instance  the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, one of the smallest Kingfishers with a riot of beautiful colours. It visits areas around Pune (particularly Mulshi) during monsoon. So the next time you go to Mulshi, look out for a tiny jewel fluttering around at great speeds. But, be sure not create disturbance as it is very sensitive and shy
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