Travel to Pune -Coming from India

Pune is well connected to other Indian cities by road, rail and air.
There is an expressway between Bombay and Pune and a highway that goes up to Bangalore. The towns of Satara and Kolhapur in Maharashtra are also linked to the highway.
Pune is also well connected by rail.
The Indian Railways transports around five billion passengers annually and 350 million tons of cargo, and its network is one of the longest in the world and connects almost every Indian city. 1.4 million people work for the Railways, thus making it also the biggest employer in the country. Train travel is an experience in India; it is a world in itself, which you experience on the trains and stations. However, large crowds and the often unsanitary conditions make travel by train not exactly comfortable, but it gives you a deep insight into the Indian way of life. The fares, by Western standards, are minimal. Train travel can also be booked through Indian travel agencies, which saves you from having to queue up at the counter.
Bombay and Pune are connected by express trains; travel time is about 3.5 hours. For this journey, the train is a good alternative to going by road. However, you can also reach Pune from all other major Indian cities by train. Given the long distances, such a trip can often take a day or two if you are coming from Chennai, Calcutta or New Delhi, for instance.

It is faster by air. Pune’s Lohegaon Airport is located about ten kilometres outside the city centre and is served by almost all airlines operating in India. The airport is under the control of the Air Force, which sets limits on air traffic. An international airport is planned outside Pune, which will take into consideration the rapidly increasing demand. Currently there are international flights only to Frankfurt and Dubai.

The following domestic routes are currently offered from Pune. The prices are not too steep.

Jet Airways : Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai

Indian : Bangalore, Delhi, Goa and Hyderabad

Air Sahara : Delhi and Hyderabad

Air Deccan : Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad

Visa Airways: Mumbai

Kingfisher : Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad

IndiGo : Bangalore, Delhi and Nagpur

SpiceJet : Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Delhi

One can book the flights online or through a travel agency. The tariffs are the same for Indian and foreign nationals.

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