Security Situation

Pune can be considered a relatively safe city and one can venture out alone on the streets at night without fear of being attacked. Violent crime is rare here as compared with many central and south American countries. However, one has to watch out for pickpockets, con jobs and touts, especially in crowded public places like the railway station. Always keep valuables and important documents in a secure place. It is adviseable to store a copy of your passport in a separate place.
The locals are generally friendly and helpful. Persistent beggars should be simply ignored. In order to avoid arguments with rickshaw drivers it is best to carry a tarif card and sufficient change.
A woman can move around safely alone in Pune. But many Indian men have got the wrong impression from films and magazines that European women are easy to have and sex craved. As a woman one should behave in a slightly reserved manner in order not to provoke advances – avoiding eye contact and dressing less revealingly by keeping the arms, legs and upper body well covered.
Terrorisim was unknown in Pune until the attack on the German Bakery in February 2010, where 11 people, mainly Indians, were killed. Hopefully such a terrible incident will not occur again. It is possibly a good thing that Pune has no particular locale which could count as popular with foreigners.

Clashes between different religions groups or communities are practically unknown in Pune. The atmosphere is one of tolerance. People of different faiths live peacefully together in this city. The population consists of around 80% Hindus, 13% Muslims, 2% Christians, 2% Sikhs as well as Jains, Buddhists und Parsis.

Here are some important emergency contact numbers for Pune:

  • Police - 100
  • Fire - 101
  • Ambulance - 102
  • Accident and trauma - 1099
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