Shopping in Pune is an experience, though it can often be a challenge to battle one’s way through over-crowded streets and lanes. One can find everything here though – including imported goods – one only needs to know where. Pune can cater to every wish with its mix of oriental and western culture.

Note: Almost all shops with the exception of malls are closed for siesta between 13:00 and 16:00 hrs. The biggest rush is in the evening and the quietest time is before noon. Shops open at 10 a.m. as a rule and often stay open till after 8 p.m.

Laxmi Road is the oldest shopping street of Pune with hundreds of tiny and large shops, which offer mainly clothing and jewellery. Many bazaar lanes branch out from here where one can find crockery or tools. Laxmi Road offers the best prices. Everything is cheaper here than in the big shops and malls.
Shops in Laxmi Road are open on Sunday with Monday being the weekly off.

Mahatma Gandhi Road, also known as M.G. Road or Camp, is the new city centre where one can buy also buy souvenirs and art objects. Shops here are closed on Sunday.

Malls are to be found in all parts of Pune. They are the equivalent of our department stores and shopping arcades with escalators and many sections. The malls have western standards but sadly also often western prices.

The Osho Ashram is located in Koregaon Park where the most number of foreigners stay. Shops here cater to the foreign clientele and so one finds the widest and best selection of Indian hand crafted artwork and fashion jewellery.  

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