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The city of Pune is huge and encompasses many localities and suburbs. The quality of life and the rent and property rates depend on the locality. The majority of foreigners reside in Koregaon Park and Boat Club Road, the most expensive area in Pune and where the Osho Ashram is also located. Other popular locations are Kalyaninagar and Aundh. In looking for a house in Pune one must also take into consideration the access roads. Because of heavy traffic even a short distance can take very long to cover during rush hours. To avoid spending hours on clogged roads every day, it is best to find accommodation close to the work place or study centre.

Foreigners in India with a long term visa are permitted to buy property but not farmland. Costs of purchasing a house in Pune have risen dramatically over the past few years, often to double and three times the value. Those who have invested early on can look forward to a neat profit. Today one would have to shell out Euro 128,000 for a 70m² new apartment situated in a good area. Luxury apartments could cost double that amount.

Usually as a foreigner one rents an apartment. Rent for an 70m² apartment in a new construction and a good locality would be around Euro 250. It would cost another 100-125 Euros for a fully furnished flat.  There are also service apartments with house staff (cook, cleaning staff), which would naturally be costlier.

For fully furnished 1-3 bedroom flats in the central locality of Model Colony, available for rent on a monthly basis, pl. contact: uknipper@gmx.de



Indraprashta Apartments,Flat 18

Hari Krishna Mandir Road

Model Colony Pune 411016

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2)Udo Knipper-Karydaki
Flat 12, Praram Apartments off Lakaki Road

Model Colony

Pune 411016

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