Pune is a cosmopolitan city which attracts people from all over the country and foreigners from all the continents  together. The official language is Marathi, which from   being talked about most of the population. But also Hindi and English are widely understood. English is the language of instruction at most colleges and universities in the city.

Pune is next to Delhi  is also the place with most learners of German. Already at school German as second foreign language is popular. And alone at the Foreign Language Department at the University of Pune, there are approximately 1,000 students who attend German courses. Then there are the popular language courses at the Goethe Institute, here known as Max Mueller Bhavan ( is out of respect for the great German Indologist.  In his honor was even issued a postage stamp. There are many language schools that teach German. Pune is also the largest center in India to learn the Japanese language

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